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Slim pickins'

Slim pickins'

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Half a moon illuminates the early going

Slim pickins'

One aspect of spring surfing, it's on again and then off again. Last weekend was closer to off than on. Slim to none at most breaks, with just a meager swell at the best locations.

Starting down the trail to DogLand


I hiked into one of my standby spots with the surf dog pacing me. The trail is lush with spring vegetation, and lots of snails. Small wild (Easter?) bunnies hoped through the tall weeds to hide from us.

The other side of the tracks


Seldom used rail tracks separate the coast side of the trail from the highway side. Once beyond the tracks you can hear the waves crashing the shore. At least that's the normal routine, but this time things were fairly silent.

Walking to the lookout spot

Inspire us

Once at the cliff edge overlooking the shore, I found other surfers checking for waves. None of us saw much to inspire us. But we kept watching for awhile, just in case. Meantime the moon began its disappearing act as the sun brightened the sky.

Overview of the cove

Checking it

Going for it

Set wave

Surfing bird

CU Out There,


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