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A foggy swell

A foggy swell

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A foggy swell

Spending a few days in the Southern part of this great surfing state. Only thing is, there hasn't been much in the way of waves. So the R&R including lots of rest and relaxation, but not much time in the ocean. Well that changed over the past evening.

Substantial but ragged

While the sun shone on the other side of this planet, a substantial but ragged swell came ashore to pound the sands of the beaches in this county. Southwest in origin, it produced waves well overhead at the beach breaks. But it came with a problem: fog.

Dense cotton

Not just your normal garden variety fog, this stuff was as dense as cotton. Just driving to the breaks was a challenge; traffic signals were invisible until you were on top of them. Traffic ahead of you disappeared into the gauzy stuff. And this curtain of can't see 'em blanketed the beach.

A few brave wave riders

Peering through the mist, I couldn't honestly see whether anyone was in the water. As I studied the scene and kicked the sand with the toes of my sandals, one surfer came ashore. "It's brutal out there," he told me. "You can't see the peaks coming, and they are not too organized when they get to you. It's like playing roulette or rolling dice and hoping for a winner."

Standup no better

After this surfer left, a standup surfer came ashore who admitted he did no better. "Can't see, can't line up, can't catch 'em, can't surf," he succinctly summed the situation. After he departed, I saw no one else come out of the soup. I waited a bit, but the fog didn't show any sign of lifting soon. So I bagged it.

Maybe later

Perhaps as the morning ages the fog will burn away. But by then, the onshore flow is likely to start, messing with the surface conditions. And the swell needs to get organized. Since it should be in the neighborhood for a day or two, perhaps tomorrow morning is the next best chance at it. Of course, no pictures with this edition of DogMan's Chronicles. You can imagine them for yourself; just fill a photo frame with consistent, opaque white!

CU Out There,


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