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The Last Chronicle

The Last Chronicle

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The Last Chronicle

I started writing and photographing DogMan's Chronicles for PacificWaveRider in September 2001, almost 14 years ago. At that time the word "blog" had not been invented, nor were there commonly available blogging tools such as WordPress and BlogSpot. I wrote (and continue to write) the Chronicles in html, using a word editor (not processor). I do use DreamWeaver, Photoshop and Illustrator as well.

Over the years, I've chronicled the stoke of surfing and I've traveled the world for waves. I've surfed the coast of California from the Lost Coast in the north to San Diego's Ocean Beach in the south. I've surfed the coast of Baja from Rosaritos to Cabo. I've surfed mainland Mexico's Pacific coast many many times.

I've been to all the major islands of Hawaii more times that I can count. I've traveled to Indo three times, surfing Bali, Lombok, Lembongin, Sumatra and the Mentawies. I've been to Fiji (hello Namotyu Left) and surfed Oz from Sydney to Nusa. I've surfed Costa Rica by boat and by land. But mostly I surf DogLand; breaks and spots between Steamer Lane and Añyo Nuevo.

When I started, DogMan's Chronicles was unique. I got a lot of cool response from readers. I made new friends through my writing, and I honed my surf photo skills. I've been published in surf mags, and sold pictures to those I shot. But these days are gone. I no longer get any email from readers, and the hits on the site are down from past years.

It's no mystery as to why this change occured. These days everyone has a smart phone, a GoPro camera, a Facebook feed, a Twitter handle, an Instagram account, and so on. I routinely see surfers pull into a parking lot, shoot the waves from shore while they are pulling on the wetsuit. They "insta-blog" the pictures with a few words before and then after paddling out.

In this barrage and chaos of surf blogging on the web, DogMan's Chronicles is a small signal lost in an overwhelming amount of noise. What I do is no longer unique, indeed it's cliche' and passe. So I'm giving it up. This is my last Chronicle, the last post on PacificWaveRider , and the last update on DogManSurf. Soon I'll kill DogManSurf, as the renewal fees for the domain name and server come due this summer.

It's been a long strange trip, and I've had a great time. I'll go back underground, from whence I came. I'll still be prowling DogLand and experiencing the stoke of the ocean and the waves. I'll look for another outlet for my creativity, something unique that others are not (yet) doing. Maybe I can find a way to send a strong signal in an environment with little noise.

So thanks for reading and checking DogManSurf. PacificWaveRider continues without me, so click there for up to date surf forecasts, conditions, and more.

CU Out There,


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