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Left coast is the right coast

Left coast is the right coast

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Sunrise over the Atlantic in South Beach

Left coast is the right coast

Once in a while, dawn patrolers are presented with a special treat as they search the Spent a couple weeks in south FLorida; flew home yesterday. While the sights are great there, and the temperatures are warm, there just ain't no surf. No disrespect meant; I learned to surf years back at a spot called Mayport Poles in the north part of the state on the Atlantic coast. But the waves in California are much better overall.

Beautiful, but flat

Miami vice?

Flew to Miami and stayed on the sand at South Beach. With our cool rental car and dark dark shades we felt like Crockett and Tubbs. The beach is fantastic, with sand that is much whiter than most beaches in California, but not whiter than Carmel beach. The water is much warmer, even in November, even with the unusually warm Pacific this year.

It's triple over toe!

Locals only


Drove across the state headed west, and stopped in the Everglades to take an airboat to see the gators. These locals are not quite as scary as the men in the grey suits that haunt the waters hereabouts, but they are plenty intimidating nonetheless. Look at them choppers!

Shrimp boat at sunset

West coast flat

Stayed on the beach in Fort Myers, whicch was also flat flat flat. I strolled into the ocean about 200 meters, and the water only came to my chest. The shrimp boats were out, and we had a fantastic dinner of local shrimp.

Head high in Santa Cruz271

Home for waves

Today I woke early, hit a local break in Santa Cruz, and rode head high to slightly overhead waves. Quite a contrast.

CU Out There,


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