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Friday Dawn at the Sweet Spot

Friday Dawn at the Sweet Spot

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Friday Dawn at the Sweet Spot

A look back at a column from time past, this one is from December 1, 2001.

Heavy messy

The heavy messy swell that arrived Thursday was still out of control in DogLand on Friday at dawn. So the full moon predawn session took place at a break called the Sweet Spot. Man today it really was sweet!
Waves were head high at the peak, and cranking with long powerful rights that wrapped along the cliff for 100 yards or more. Lots of juice, and fast fast fast down the line sections. Smooth ocean surface rounded out the excellent conditions in the brisk clear moon lit dawn.

All my friends came too

Rode the first two waves solo in the darkness, then the lineup began to fill in with lots of other surfers. Everyone wanted some morning juice. There were plenty of waves, but also some long lulls. After riding a few more, it was time to come to work for the day.

Cold hands cold fingers

For the first time this season my fingers got a bit clumsy in the cold while changing. Hard to fasten buttons and zippers, and hard to unlock the car with shaky hands. Even typing this column the old fingers feel a bit cold and slow. But the waves were worth it! Should be excellent conditions at lots of breaks today as the tide peaks then drops, and the swell slowly backs down. Should be some juice left for Saturday dawn, and DogLand should be open again for business. Don't plan another session at the Sweet Spot for Saturday!

CU Out There,


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