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Long lines part 2

Long lines part 2

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You could ride this one all the way to town

Long lines part 2

A couple more long shots of the recent wave action are here. I'll get to the actual surfing shots at the end of this column and more next week. Just an amazing swell for photographery as well as for surfers and surfing.

Stacked and steaming


The sets seemed endless, when they came. There were some long waits between sets, but that just seemed to raise the tension and the anticipation levels. The wait was long enough that you could easily drift out of position in the lineup, and then get surprised by the next wave.


Peeling waves, closed sections, difficult to catch, pitch you on your head, all this and more came to the scene. Wasn't for the faint of heart!

Sequence shot #1

Sequence shot #2

Sequence shot #3

Sequence shot #4

Sequence shot #5

CU Out There,


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