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Conversation at dawn

Conversation at dawn

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Wave under a low ceiling

Conversation at dawn

Pre-dawn session this morning. Wasn't foggy, but extremely overcast and gloomy. Wouldn't try this at an unfamiliar break! Every 20 minutes a set of just a few waves rolled through. The best of them were chest high, and wrapped across and around the reef. This provided rare back side waves with long connected sections.

Gloomy conditions for surf

Caught one

I caught exactly one of these gems. Other than that. I rode a handfull of dumpers, diminishing shoulders, and gutless knee slappers. also paddled a lot, and watched the breakfast club.

Empty wave at dawn

Noisy denizens

Couldn't see them, but there were a lot of fish in the water. Hundreds of pelicans flew into the area, and dive bombed the ocean for breakfast. The many successful ones surfaced and gulped their catch. Mobs of beggar gulls harried and harrassed the pelicans, not to any positive effect.

Shore talk

Left early, as others began to arrive. Spoke with two surfers gearing up as I geared down.
Surfer 1: "Hey! are you Mexican?"
Surfer 2: "No, are you Jewish?"
Surfer 1: "No. Well you look Mexican."
Surfer 2: "You sure look Jewish."
Me: "Imagine my luck to meet not-a-Mexican and not-a-Jew at dawn after my session."
Surfer 1: "Yeah, well I meant to hit it extra early this morning, be the first one out. "
Surfer 2: "What happened?"
Surfer 1: "When I woke, I just stayed in bed and rubbed my balls."
Me: "That's funny, I let my wife rub my balls."
Surfer 2: (Snorts)"That's good!"
Surfer 1: "I hear you."
And with that, I hopped into my rusty old surfmobile, and drove back home.

CU Out There,


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