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Hurricane swell

Hurricane swell

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Wave model from CDIP at Scripps

Hurricane swell

Don't often see waves from huricanes hereabouts. The bend of the California coast works against this possibility, as does the colder waters of the open Pacific Ocean. While the storms spawn off the west coast of mainland Mexico, where the water temperatures are relatively warm, the storm has to work its way west before the swell can aim this far north. And of course that serves to weaken the whirling mass of weather since the water cools and chills further west.

Long long huricane left

School's out

Southern California, being below Point Conception sees much more of this activity, so many surfers from this area actually travel there when hurricanes spin later in summer. Its a nice respite from the long flat spells that are common in Santa Cruz when school's out.

Long long huricane left

Potent hellfire

Not this time! There are presently three cells of circular winds trekking the Pacific, Karina, Lowell and Marie. Karina is sputtering to a finale, but winds are still 60 knots. Lowell is further north, but winds are now a feeble 30 knots. Still, these two systems are sending waves to town and beyond. Marie is a more potent 90 knots of hellfire, but positioned south of the tip of Baja. Central Califonia wave riders have to hope the forecast track is accurate; if so, there could be surf for next weekend.

No surprise

With all the super information on the web for surfers to peruse, there is no surprise waves were in store for Sunday. I got to Dave's Place about 5:20AM, well before enough light to paddle out. There were already other cars and surfers in the parking lot, with more arriving every minute. Before dawn broke, the lineup was full of eager folks looking to go left. Dave's breaks nicely with left waves on a south swell. In winter the northwest swell goes across the other side of the reef for some great rights. Should be a solid week o' waves in Santa Cruz; no need to travel south this time.

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