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Between storms

Between storms

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Between storms

Sunday morning at Dave's Place; Tuna Guy was already there as usual. We traded lies and banter, then I strolled the beach in the dark. The surf mutt came with, happy to be off leash, snuffling every little thing, peeing on each mound of kelp, and digging in the sand.

Barely piercing

Overhead, a narrow crescent moon glowed with fuzzy edges, barely piercing the modest overcast. No other lights were visible, whether from stars, boats or the few houses nearby. Evidence of scouring high tides lay underfoot; clean unmarked virgin sand at a much lower level than previously reached from shore nearly to the bluff between road and beach. At its edge a steep cut of sand towered about four feet above the lower level.

Mut and Man

Across the usually placid cove, shorepounders reared head high, then slammed the sand with impressive explosions. Have to be extra careful entering the water this morning. The shorepounders weren't finished; following their crashing demise, they pushed white foamy water far up the sloping sand. More than a few times Mutt and Man danced out of the reach of the sheets of salty brine.

North Cove

At the North Cove long lines of stacked wave fronts rolled and wrapped around the point. Hard to see through the darkness, but it looked to be rideable, if you could find where to lineup. What wasn't so obvious was the rips and cuurents you might have to fight along the way. With so much energy in the ocean, there was sure to be some impediments!

South Cove

We hiked to the large reef at the south end of the cove as the eastern sky very slighty began to glow with the coming sunrise. Here the scene was different. There was a lot of water moving, but it looked to be very disorganized. The lefts were buried in random peaks and valleys; the occasional rights unreliably closed out, and looked to leave you stranded in the Death Cove with no easy way out.

Good Sign

Back by the surfmobile, there was by now enough light to observe lines from Soth Cove stretching all the way to North Cove. This is not a good sign for wave riding! Seemed to be time to bid farewell to Dave's and drve to another break. So I did.

CU Out There,


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