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More of the same

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More of the same

Weekend again, time to "surf" the flat ocean again. Lots of paddling, lots of kelpy water, lots of overcast, lots of no wave action, again. But a bit of a bright side for Sunday morning.

Get excited

Buoys showed just a hint of south swell happening, nothing to get excited. Still, it was a change from Saturday. Imagine my surprise when I got to a low tide reef to see modest southies rolling in at long intervals. Nothing to get excited, but still... There was just enough lame NW wind swell to cross up the knee-high southern hemis. At best, this made some chest-high A-frames with steep lurching drops and short shoulders. But still...

Hurricane Hernan

Look ahead, hurricane Hernan is off the coast of Cabo, but the current swell window only projects as far north as LA, if that. I suppose Hernan could track far enough west to send a few waves to Santa Cruz, but this is problematic and unlikely. As hurricanes depart the Mexico coast for the depths of the Pacific, they rapidly loose steam as they enounter much cooler water. Once they are far west enough to send swell around Point Conception, they are pretty much toast.

Steady stream

Meanwhile, the southern ocean is a steady stream of storms, wall to wall. I large circular conga line is marching west to east below Africa, Australia and South America. Maybe one of these monster cells of swell can find a way to send some wave to our shores? Stay tuned, it could happen.The coming weekend, following week, and the next weekend show a lot more promise.

CU Out There,


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