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It came with the night

It came with the night

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It came with the night

Ok, I'll admit it. I surfed a wild and wooly stretch of beach last Saturday before major swell arrived from the north west. Overnight into Sunday, the first winter pounding of waves arrive, and I did not surf that same spot Sunday morning.

More beating

Sometimes I am up for more of a beating than other times. While Saturday waves were fun (and fun sized), Sunday waves were rough, unpredictable, large and powerful. Rips and currents were apparent. Didn't look to me like a pleasant time would be had just paddling to the lineup. So I sat and watched a while then bailed.

Right for wrong

In retrospect, the waves along the breaks in town would have been the right call for Sunday, but I missed that opportunity. Sometimes, I can't get it right for being wrong. But in truth, I'm not too disappointed for missing the action; there will be much more to come during the full fall and winter (and even spring) seasons. The southern hemisphere might be preparing for a slumber, but the north Pacific is wakening.

CU Out There,


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