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Funny fin

Funny fin

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Strange and possibly dangerous fin

Funny fin

Solid southwest swell came to play this past weekend. Started building Friday, continued to climb the scale on Saturday, and by Sunday morning solid head high and taller waves were sweeping the lineups hereabouts. Decided to get an extra early go at it so pulled into the local gas station with the dog and the surfmobile shortly before 5 AM.


Another eager wave seeker was across from me gasing his jeep. On the roof were two boards, one in a bag. The top board was not bagged, and had some strange looking fins. Can't say I have ever seen the like of these, and can't quite figure what purpose they might serve. The surfer was friendly as he greeted me with a steaming disposable cup of Quicky Mart coffee in one fist.

Any indication

"Gonna beat all the other surfers to the waves?" he asked me.
"No chance of that." I answered.
I was thinking if this guy was any indication, the trek to the shore is already underway. Indeed he was an indication; when I got to Dave's Place two other vehicles were already parked. One guy was waxing his board; not that I could see this. It was still so freaking dark I couldn't see the front bumper on my truck once I doused the lights. But I could hear the bumpy scraping souund of wax being scrubbed across fiberglass deck.

To the shore

By the time I was ready to launch, there was four others already paddling to the tip of the reef. The southwest swell was pumping, with lots of wabes for the small (for now) crew. Many waves fell apart and crumbled, but the best of them connected and peeled all the way to the shore.

Thanks for coming

It's been a great several weeks of waves from multiple hurricanes and storms from Mexico. Nothing like the action in Southern California, but still much better action than typical for this time of year in Santa Cruz. Keep it coming.

CU Out There,


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