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Out of control, part 2

Out of control, part 2

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Rescue copter flying the north coast

Out of control, part 2

Surf was slow and mushy this morning, so this week's chronicle is part 2 of the coast a week ago. It was out of control, big dangerous and not really rideable. A few more pics this week to illustrate.

DogMan's dog on the north coast

Not so much light

Not only was the surf less that steller this morning, but the overcast was thick. Limited light is not good for photos, so no photos from today. Yet another reason to check the pictures from last week.

Landscape shot

A great place to shoot

With no development for miles, unspoiled nature, and dramatic settings, the north coast is a great place to shoot photos. Not just waves, but landscapes, dogs, people, helicopters, the whole enchilada. Enjoy a few more.

Empty wave

Wave bending into the shore

CU Out There,


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